Our churchyard provides a green oasis in the centre of Lymington. While there are often people hurrying through, we encourage residents and visitors alike to use it as a place of quiet and respite. There is even somewhere to leave your bike, and a tap by the church door to fill water bottles.


The churchyard has been used as a burial site from 1250 when a church was first built here. Two further sections were added in the 19th century, making up the 3 acres you see today. A number of notable people are buried here, mainly in the central section of the churchyard, and we hope to add information on the graves and memorials to this site over the next few years. The last new grave was dug in the 1890s. Since 1953 several different areas alongside the western and eastern boundaries have been reserved for the burial of ashes, and there is a garden area for unmarked interments of ashes.

There at least 100 trees in the churchyard, predominantly limes. The original avenue of lime trees was planted between the late 1600s and 1736, and another avenue of trees along the path from the cricket ground to New Street. The original trees survived up to the early 20C, but all have been gradually replaced. Other trees in the churchyard include horse chestnut, oak, beech, yew, holly and hawthorn.

Eco Church

Being protected from any kind of development, the churchyard has been left relatively undisturbed for hundreds of years. As we hear how our wildlife is in trouble, with many species of birds, mammals and insects declining, churchyards are increasingly recognised as important places for wildlife conservation. We are now managing our churchyard (particularly the area furthest away from the church) with wildlife as well as people in mind. Happily, wildlife-friendly plants in the garden areas and wild flowers growing in the long grass at the far end of the churchyard are attractive to both! If you wander through the churchyard we hope you will enjoy the tranquillity, and the plants, butterflies and birds.

As a church which aims to be sustainable in every aspect of life, we compost all our veg peelings and dead flowers. You are welcome to add your banana skins and apple cores to our compost heap! Click for more about Eco Church