Holy Week 2020 – Together at the Cross

  • Sunday 5th April: Our Palm Sunday service streams at 9:30am on our shared YouTube channel. Many of our readers from the parishes of Pennington and Lymington have been working together to create our virtual reading of the Passion Gospel. As we won’t be able to give you the usual palm crosses, please watch this video for some ideas about how you could make your own palm cross to use within our worship.
  • Monday to Wednesday, 7pm: Compline will be streamed on our YouTube channel.
  • Maundy Thursday, 9th April, 7pm: Bishop Debbie will be offering a meditation and bible study Zoom. All are welcome to join us, you can phone in with an ordinary phone, or you can use your computer to join the conversation. To ‘attend’ follow the instructions below.
  • Maundy Thursday, 7.45pm: After the bible study there will be a reflective service and meditation on our YouTube channel.
  • Good Friday, 10th April, 12-3pm: Three hours at the cross. Prior to COVID-19 our plan had been to spend an hour at St Thomas, to then walk from St Thomas to St Mark’s for the middle hour, and then to have an hour at St Mark’s. This year our archdeacon, Peter Rouch, will be joining us virtually, and will be leading a reflection at midday, 1pm and 2pm, ending with prayer at 3pm.
    There will be space for reflective music and meditation on the cross in between. You are welcome to join us on our YouTube channel for the whole three hours, or to join in for any parts of it that help you in your journey through Holy Week.

  • Easter Eve, 11th April, 8pm: The Easter Vigil, the first official celebration of the Resurrection. Do join us on our YouTube channel.
  • Easter Sunday, 12th April, 9.30am: Easter Communion on our YouTube channel with Bishop Debbie preaching, as together we celebrate the joy of Easter in this unusual season.

Other Holy Week resources

How to join Bishop Debbie’s Zoom Bible Study on Thursday

Anyone who has an ordinary telephone can join a Zoom conversation or meeting. You need a smartphone or computer only if you want to see and be seen!
You have two options:

  • Join on a computer or smartphone using the link, https://zoom.us/j/199059515. You need to join using your computer audio or you won’t be able to hear. Only join with your computer video if you want to be seen. A common problem in zoom meetings is that people don’t realise they are muted. This depends on the device you are using but look for a stylised image of a microphone. If it’s red with a line through it press it to un-mute yourself.
  • Phone in with an ordinary telephone by dialling 0203 695 0088. You will hear:”Welcome to Zoom, enter your meeting id followed by hash“ so you press 199059515# on your phone handset.
    You will then hear zoom say “Enter your participant id followed by hash, otherwise just press hash”. Just press the # key.
    You will then be part of a conference call, and you will be able to talk to other participants who have already joined it. At any time in the call you can mute your phone so no-one else can hear you (press *6) or you can ‘raise your hand’ (press *9) in order to attract the attention of the meeting host.