Holy Week and Easter 2022

Please see the leaflet below for a full list of our Lent, Holy Week and Easter services. Holy Week in 2022 will be led by Peter Salisbury, vicar of Lymington. The subject will be “Transitions”.


Every time things change around us we undergo a transition. This transition involves letting go of old habits and attitudes, re-evaluating our situation and setting out on a new course.

Our lives can be seen as a series of these transitions, so it’s no surprise that we find transitions throughout the pages of the bible.

Think of Adam and Eve leaving paradise, Abram and Sarai, Miriam, Moses, Esther and Ruth, Jesus in the wilderness. Think too of the major themes of the bible which we’ve been exploring this Lent: from Origins to Exodus, Exile, and our hope for the future, all these involve people facing changes and the transitions which come with them.

Alongside the bible I shall also be referring to a very good book on the subject. It’s called “Transitions, making sense of life’s changes”, by William Bridges, first published over 40 years ago in 1979. He describes three stages involved in any transition: Ending, Wilderness, Beginning. He uses examples from cultures around the world, including Christianity to underline that this process is a human universal.

This Holy Week I shall be looking at some key stories from the bible and using them to illustrate this transition process which we all face from time to time.

I hope that by the end of Holy Week we shall all have a better understanding of the bible and also be better prepared for transitions in our own lives.