Online Worship

by | Sep 8, 2020

Our online worship is shared with St.Mark’s Pennington and offers an easily accessible form of worship on both YouTube and Facebook. You can join us live on YouTube and contribute via the Live Chat facility or you can watch later to fit in around your other commitments. The Sunday worship is streamed from the Pennington Church YouTube channel starting at 10am. If you know of people who can’t watch YouTube and would like to listen in on their ordinary phones, see below for instructions.

There are also prayer meetings on Zoom, at 9am on Monday to Saturday mornings. Details are in our Weekly News Sheet

Our weekly schools worship is uploaded to the Lymington Church channel in time for Monday mornings.

Live-stream services

Some of our services in St.Thomas Church are live-streamed, see our Live-stream Services page for links.

How to listen to Sunday services by phone

  • To phone in, please dial 0203 695 0088. You will hear:
  • “Welcome to Zoom, enter your meeting id followed by hash”
  • The meeting id you need to enter is: 971 631 0618 #
  • You will then hear it say “Enter your participant id followed by hash, otherwise just press hash”. You need to enter #
  • You will then hear it say “Please enter your password, followed by hash”, you need to enter 1839#
  • You will then be part of a conference call, and you will be able to hear the service and talk to any other people who have already joined via Zoom.

Note: these instructions work for any Zoom meeting except that you will need the meeting ID and password for that meeting. The IDs and passwords for our prayer and social meetings are in the weekly news sheet.