November Lockdown Update

Prayer and Worship in St.Thomas

Sadly public worship, including Remembrance Services and Weddings, are not allowed. However St.Thomas will be open daily from 10am to 4pm for Private Prayer.

Prayers Through the November Lockdown

The archbishops of Canterbury and York have asked us all to pray for the nation throughout this November lockdown. Please see the Church of England website for the weekly prayer cycle and other resources. We encourage you to use these at 6pm every day to join the national effort.

In addition, we are holding Zoom prayer meetings at 9am Monday to Thursday each week; see the Weekly News Sheet for details.

A Prayer for the Lockdown

Dear Lord, please give us all we need to cope with,
and to survive, this worrying time;
and show us how best to use the time we
have in this lock-down to focus on,
and to strengthen, our relationship with you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Help us to put our energy, faith and trust
into enabling your Kingdom to come
and your will to be done. Amen.
Patricia deMowbray