Taketime Together

Ignatian Meditation on Zoom

Taketime Together is an opportunity to be still, to relax together and focus on God through a guided meditation on a Bible story. Ignatian meditation uses the imagination to construct a setting which becomes the backdrop for the experience and leads to an imagined conversation with Jesus. You don’t need any religious knowledge or background to take part.

Tuesday mornings at 11am

The meditation lasts for about 20 minutes and everyone is put on ‘mute’. Some people turn off the video link as well, so they are just listening, undisturbed.We then come back together for a ten-minute slot to collect a drink and enjoy some informal chat. Following that, for those who would like to stay on, there is the opportunity to share our experience of the meditation.

Please see the Weekly News Sheet for details of how to join a meeting, which can be on a computer, tablet or by telephone.

The Taketime organisation website is at www.taketime.org.uk