Worship during the pandemic

This page is kept up to date with our worship as affected by the pandemic restrictions.

Updated: 22nd July 2021

St.Thomas road map to unlocking

The Vicar  has decided in consultation with the PCC to ease restrictions at St.Thomas according to a “road map”. There will be 7 steps on the way:

  1. Congregation singing while wearing masks, hymns and songs to be shortened (from 25th July)
  2. Coffee in the Hall between the 9.15 and 11am services
  3. Chairs moved closer together for full capacity
  4. Masks no longer required at the 9.15 or 11am services, hymns and songs no longer shortened
  5. Coffee between services moved to the back of church
  6. Communion wine offered from a shared chalice (intincted wafers still on offer)
  7. Masks no longer required at 8am service

Step 1 will be taken on Sunday, 25th July.

Step 2 will be taken as soon as we can find a team to provide refreshments.

Further steps will taken once the current wave of COVID is under control, which may be several months.

There will be regular reviews and updates in the weekly news sheet.

Online Services

We stream our 9.15 service each Sunday. See our Live-stream Services page.