Core Values

Guided and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, we are part of the Christian community in Lymington and district who are called to love God and all people.

Therefore we:

  1. Pray and Worship. Our worship:
    1. Includes a variety of styles and traditions
    2. Is relevant to the people and issues of today
    3. Attracts and welcomes newcomers and visitors
    4. Has something for all ages
    5. Includes bible-based preaching
    6. Encourages spiritual growth within our congregations
  2. Grow as disciples of Christ. Every person is called to follow Christ and be a good steward of God’s creation. We offer support in this through:
    1. Teaching and nurture
    2. Learning from one another
    3. Prayer and study groups for all ages
    4. Identifying and training successors for all roles
    5. Identifying and developing quality leadership, both lay
      and ordained
  3. Are committed to one another. Because of this we offer:
    1. Mutual support and encouragement
    2. A positive, generous and forgiving attitude
    3. Opportunities to learn from one another
    4. An attractive and welcoming community
  4. Reach out and share our faith. To do this we:
    1. Talk about our faith (gossip the good news) with all ages
    2. Support worldwide missionary activities
    3. Invite people to learn about the Christian faith (e.g. Alpha and Emmaus)
    4. Respect and value people’s individuality
  5. Are here to serve others, both locally and globally. We do this:
    1. By using our gifts in leadership and service
    2. In both voluntary and paid work
    3. By supporting those in need
    4. By supporting external organisations
    5. By challenging injustice and inequality of opportunity
    6. For all people regardless of social or cultural issues
  6. Value our Anglican inheritance. In particular we value:
    1. Our tradition of critical thinking
    2. The parish system
    3. The scriptural basis for matters of faith
    4. Our adaptability to our cultural context