PCC Documents

On this page you will find various PCC documents, including Agendas and Minutes. Minutes are not published here until they have been agreed at the following PCC meeting.

PCC 11th July 2019

PCC Agenda July 11th

PCC 9th May 2019

Agenda May 9th 2019

PCC Minutes May 2019

PCC 14th March 2019


PCC Minutes 14 March 2019

PCC 10th January 2019

PCC Minutes 10 January 2019

PCC 8th November 2018


PCC Minutes 8 November 2018

PCC 13th September 2018


PCC Minutes 13 September 2018

PCC 12th July 2018

PCC Agenda July 2018

PCC Minutes 12 July 2018

Statutory notices, insurance etc.

Employers Liability Certificate 2018