Friends of St. Thomas Church



Since 1250 our parish church at the heart of Lymington has been a centre of Christian worship. This historic building belongs to the whole community, comprising all those living and working in the Lymington area. The dramatic cupola is a landmark at the centre of the town visible from many areas and from the Solent. The beautiful architecture and craftsmanship seen in the windows, carvings and masonry inspire admiration and reflection. The church is open for all to visit and enjoy the history and community spirit within its ancient walls.
The many plaques that line the balconies are testament to the commitment of our forebears who maintained and improved the building and The Friends of St Thomas Church exist to help carry on this vital work. We believe that it is the privilege and responsibility of the townspeople to maintain St Thomas Church for this and future generations.

Why Become a Friend?
The role of The Friends is especially important as the Diocese does not provide funding for the maintenance and development of the building and its environs. Therefore, we raise money to contribute to vital repair and improvement projects. As a Friend you will be contributing to the preservation of this important part of our local heritage. You do not have be to a regular worshipper in the church – everyone is most welcome. This building serves the town of Lymington not only as a place of worship but as a wonderful centre for the arts, for concerts, drama, talks, exhibitions and community celebrations.
We welcome financial and practical support with event management so that we can hand on this building to our children in as good, if not better, condition than we received it.

Please contact us for further information:
The Friends of St Thomas Church
Parish Office
Lymington SO41 9DN
01590 676194

You may download the Constitution of the Friends of St.Thomas’ Church with this link.