Housegroup Notes

Trinity Sunday

26 May 24 – Trinity Sunday


19 May 24 – Pentecost

The Ascension

12 May 24 – The Ascension

Creeds 1 – Belief

Creeds 21.4.24

Jesus Appears to His Disciples Again In Jerusalem

Housegroup notes 14.4.24

Jesus Appears to His Disciples

Housegroup notes 7.4.24

Women of Holy Week – Salome

Women of Holy Week 5 – Salome

Women of Holy Week – Anna

Women of Holy Week 4 Anna

Women of Holy Week – Joanna

Women of Holy Week 3 Joanna

Women of Holy Week – Susannah

Women of Holy Week 2 Susannah

Women of Holy Week – Miriam

Women of Holy Week 1 Miriam

Growing Younger Together 4 – Renewal

GYT 4 Renewal


Growing Younger Together

GYT 3 Growing Younger Together

Growing Younger

GYT 2 Growing Younger

Week of Prayer

WOP Christian Unity 24

Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF- 23 Jan 2024


GYT 1 Growing


Epiphany 2024


Advent – The Prophets

Advent 2023 – The Prophets

10th December

Advent – Abraham & Sarah

Advent 2023 – Abraham and Sarah

3rd December

Christ the King

Christ the King

28th November



21st November

Amos 3

Amos3 05_11_2023

Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday 29.10.23

Amos 2

Amos2 22_10_2023

Leprosy Mission

Leprosy Mission 15.10.23

Amos 1

Amos1 08_10_2023


Harvest 1.10.23


10th September 2023

Doxecology 1 The Beauty of Creation

17th September 2023

Doxecology 2 The Cry of Creation

24th September 2023

Doxecology 3 The Hope of Creation

Matthew’s Gospel

The Sower 16.7.23

The wheat and the weeds 23.7.23

The Kingdom of Heaven is like.. 30.7.23

Matthew’s Gospel

Warnings and Encouragements 25.6.23

Welcoming Jesus 2.7.23

Sea Sunday 9.7.23

St Barnabas

St Barnabas






By Faith in His Name

When God Does Not Seem To Answer

Healing Our Hurts

The God Who Heals

Your Faith Has Made You Well

Models Of Healing


Asking God

Learning to Lament

Saying Sorry

Giving Thanks


Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit



Early Life and Ministry of Jesus

Naming and Circumcision of Jesus

Feast of Epiphany

Calling of Disciples

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